Foxtails and Hoodies

In May the grass is well on its way from green to gold. Along with the color change come the stickers: foxtails, filaree, oats, bronco grass, and even comparably innocuous rye grass has stickers that can be dangerous for your pet. As you have no doubt noticed on your own hikes these pesky stickers can cause a worlDaycare_0209d of misery. They get into your running shoes or hiking boots, work their way into your socks, and even work their way up your pant legs

I used to think that if I just kept the group all leashed I could keep their noses and ears sticker-free but I realized rather quickly that in reality all it takes is one wrong sniff or an inside-out ear and off we go to the vet. To prevent this, one of my clients has come up with an ingenious device:  it’s a hoodie to keep foxtails out of ears, eyes and noses. It also protects dogs from scratched corneas when running through tall grass and yay it helps prevent their wantonly ingesting the nasty stuff they find on the trail.

The dogs in my care wear their hoods every day during sticker season. They are able to pick up a ball or a stick with their hoodies on. They can pant freely to cool off and can drink water with their hoods on. I am so grateful for this well thought out tool!

These hoodies are available at

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