Rattlesnake Avoidance Clinic

Each spring we offer a rattlesnake avoidance clinic to help keep your dog safe on from the snakes on area trails, your campsite or your yard.

Snake_QuoteNatural Solutions Rattlesnake Training utilizes live, muzzled, wild rattlesnakes and electronic collars for the training session. Your dog will be taught in the gentlest way possible to identify and stay away from rattlesnakes.

A nice side benefit of the training is that your dog will alert you to the presence of rattlesnakes so that you can avoid the snake, too!

This training takes about ½ hour and costs $85. It is good to refresh it at least once a year.

As spring 2018 draws closer, this page will be updated to reflect the date of the avoidance clinic and also allow you to register you dog(s). Stay tuned.