About Ellie

She Loves Animals…

Ellie has always loved animals. She learned how to care for and interact with them growing up among the farms and ranches of the East Bay. She became interested in training dogs whenRelationship_Quote-1 she got her first dog at age 12.

That interest became a serious professional goal when Ellie saw how trainers were able to help an overly assertive (and somewhat scary) wolf-hybrid she’d adopted become a calm, focused dog. She wanted to do be able to do that!

She has 20+ Years of Dog Training Experience…

Ellie studied at the United States Canine Academy. Since then, she has been training dogs for the past 20 years. With experience comes wisdom, and Ellie knows that a good trainer needs to be flexible and employ many training techniques.

Because dogs are individuals (each with their own energy levels, motivations, stressors, and degree of stubbornness), no single training method works well with every dog. For Ellie, the most valuable tools a trainer can have are:

  • An understanding of dog behavior
  • The ability to “read” dogs
  • Good communication skills with dogs and people

She Treats Your Dog (and You) Like Family…

Ellie offers customized dog training, doggie day care and boarding services. When in her care, your furry friend(s) will take part in long hikes through the East Bay hills and get to play with other dogs. Sometimes they will go on field trips to the beach or take a dip in the pool. Ellie posts photos to Facebook throughout the day so that you can participate vicariously in their adventures.

Dogs boarding with Ellie will sleep in their own crates inside her home. She has found that this environment reduces their anxiety and makes it easier for her to monitor them. Your dog will receive the same food (and medication, if required) that you would provide at home – plus training and lots of playtime with other dogs!

She’s Nearby in the East Bay…

Her facility is located in the rolling hills of Alameda County’s Castro Valley. Many of her clients come from the nearby communities of Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon and Danville. Because she understands how hectic morning and evening commutes can be, as part of her Doggie Day Care service, Ellie will pick up and drop off dogs for her clients.

Contact Ellie today and see how she can help you and your dog.