Pick-ups & Drop-offs

  • We accept pick-ups and drop-offs by appointment only.
  • All drop-offs must be scheduled in advance.
  • Changing your pick-up/drop-off time:
    • You are welcome to call or text us to try to arrange an alternate pick-up/drop-off time, but if you are unsuccessful in reaching us, please plan on keeping your original appointment time.

Payment Policies

  • Payment is due at the time the service is rendered, or on a pre-approved schedule.
  • We accept both checks and credit cards. Client’s whose checks are returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged an additional $30.

Vaccines & Preventative Treatments

  • Your dog must be current on all shots, including the Bordatella vaccine. (If your pet is a regular Doggie Day Care customer, I suggest ensuring the Bordatella vaccine is given every 6 months.)
  • All dogs must be on flea and tick control. Application of the preventative must be kept current.

Medical Treatment & Emergencies

  • Your dog’s well-being is our first priority. If we feel your dog requires medical treatment, we will use our discretion and take the dog to the veterinarian, even if we are unable to reach you.
    • In the even of a medical emergency, we use Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center or to the 24 hour emergency clinic.
    • If it is not an emergency, but your pet needs veterinary care, we will use either your own vet or Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center, whichever is closer.
    • Any veterinary bills for medical emergencies are the dog owner’s responsibility.


  • If your dog has never stayed with us before, we require he participate in a day of Doggie Day Care prior to his stay. This way, your dog will know us when you bring him for boarding and the drop-off experience will be stress free.
  • When boarding with us, dogs are housed in crates in Ellie’s home. If your dog is not comfortable in a crate, plan to drop her off in the morning so that we will have plenty of time to teach her to crate in a non-stressful way.


  • We request you provide us with an adequate supply of your dog’s own food when he is boarding with us, as well as the name of the food and variety (e.g., brand and flavor).
  • Should the food you provided run out, we will do our best to replace it with the same food. Dog owners are required to reimburse us for any food purchased on their behalf.

Grooming & Sticker Prevention for Doggie Day Care and Boarding

  • Because we hike at least once a day in the hills where stickers may be prevalent, we request that wooly-footed dogs (poodles, golden doodles, and schnauzers) come to our Doggie Day Care and Boarding with clean-shaven feet to reduce the possibility of stickers getting painfully caught in their paws. Alternatively, owners may provide booties for their dogs, but please know that we’ve found this method is less effective.

Contract for Care Form and Veterinarian Immunization Records

  • If you have signed up either for Doggie Day Care or Dog Boarding, you will need to provide Ellie with a Contract for Care as well as veterinarian immunization recordsClick Here to download a PDF Contract for Care file.  Please print and fill out the form and bring with you, along with immunization records, when you drop off your dog.  Thank You!