Doggie Day Care

Lake_QuoteHikes in the hills. Playing with friends. A little fetch, a little training, maybe a field trip to the beach or a lake.

Sounds fun, right?

These are all things your dog can experience with Ellie’s Doggie Day Care service.

A Typical Day

Ellie’s Doggie Day Care clients consist of a core pack of “regulars” interspersed with some “drop-ins” and “boarders”. Each Monday – Friday, Ellie will pick up and drop off dogs for her clients.

A typical day’s activities include:

  • Long hikes through the surrounding acreage, regional park property or other local open space Ellie has permission to access.
  • Supervised playtime with other dogs in a fenced area.
  • Field trips to the beach/lake/pond or simply water play in the doggie pools at the ranch and rest time in her outdoor play area.
  • Training brush up –  10 mins or so of stays or walking politely on leash, being groomed or just practicing. If Ellie feels the dog would enjoy it and there is extra time, she may include some work over agility obstacles (e.g., weave poles, dog walk, teeter and/or tunnels).

Photos of your dog’s adventures will be posted on Facebook throughout the day so you can participate virtually.

The fee is $55 per day if you would like pick up and drop off to a meeting location near you or $40 per day if you bring your dog out to the ranch and pick them up at the end of the day. All Doggie Day Care requires 12 hour advance registration. 

Registration_ButtonContact Ellie to register your favorite canine companion for Doggie Day Care today.

If you have signed up for Doggie Day Care, you will need to provide Ellie with a Contract for Care as well as veterinarian immunization records.  Click Here to download a PDF Contract for Care file. Please print and fill out the form and bring with you, along with immunization records, on the first day of Day Care.  Thank You!