Dog Training

Positive Dog Obedience Training Builds Trust

Focusing on the negative is human nature. However, it is not an effective way to foster the good attitude and behavior you want in your dog.

Dogs are smart social animals and if left on their own they will try to get attention, often by doing things we don’t like. If you’re not working with your dog giving them positive things to do, chances are your dog is creating things to do to get your attention…things like jumping on you, digging up your yard, grabbing laundry (especially socks or underwear) and running, trying to get you to chase them.

Our response to their behavior is often to yell at and scold the dog, but this can actually make the problem worse. Learn to manage your dog’s energy and give them a job.

What does work:  Focusing on and encouraging the positive.

Obedience training is a good way to begin creating the positive relationship you want with your dog. Ellie recommends spending one-on-one time for two short 10 minute sessions a day.  The more frequently you work the quicker your relationship with your dog will improve.

Learn how to build a positive relationship with your dog. Register for one of Ellie’s classes today:

Camp Ellie Board & Train Program

This package provides a two week boarding program, plus five follow up private Registration_Buttonlessons, and one year of free drop-ins at Saturday morning socialization class. Ellie’s fee for this Board & Train package is $1,600, the details of which are described below:

  • Boarding for two weeks where your dog will receive basic obedience and manners training (a $900 dollar value without the added training).
  • Five private on-site lessons for you and your dog (a $250 dollar value).
  • 1 year of free drop-in sessions at Saturday morning socialization class, which is a reinforcement training class for dogs and handlers (a $500 dollar value).
  • In addition, your dog receives each day invaluable private obedience training with a professional trainer. This service alone is worth $100 dollars per hour and your dog will be working roughly an hour each day.
  • Purchasing each of these services individually would add up to a cost of over $3,000. Get your dog on track quickly and effectively with this great $1,600 training package today!

Advanced Obedience Training

Registration_ButtonA six week class that will build on basic obedience and manners lessons your dog has already mastered. Skills your dog will learn include being off leash, downs from a distance, and long sit or down-stays with you out of sight. $240.00

Canine Good Citizen Prep Class

Structured to enable your dog to pass the Canine Good Citizenship Test. This class Registration_Buttonincludes 10 simple tests to ensure that your dog is going to be okay when it is out and about. Some handlers have used this course as a stepping stone to prepare their dog for Service Work.

The fee for the Canine Good Citizen Prep Class is $150 (must be paid up front but may be combined with our weekly socialization class if there are not enough participants specifically for the Good Citizen class).

Private Lessons

Ellie gives private dog obedience lessons at all levels from basic to advanced. These Registration_Buttonone-on-one sessions are great for addressing problems your dog may be having such as bolting out your door, aggression, or pulling on a leash. Private lessons are $50 if they are taught at Ellie’s facility.

Socialization Classes

Socialize your dog and strengthen your skills as a handler in this hour-long, Saturday class. Our location moves from week to week so that we can focus on areas where people need the most practice. Your dog must have good obedience skills to participate. The cost is $20 per session. For more information on weekly socialization locations, please check out the Events Tab on Ellie’s FaceBook Business Page. If you are unable to access FaceBook, please Contact Ellie via email.