What Makes Someone A Good Dog Trainer?

Is it a love of animals? Flexibility? An understanding of dog behavior? Experience with many training techniques?

It’s all of the above. 

All dogs are different. They have unique personalities, energy levels, degrees of stubbTraining_Quote3ornness, motivations and stressors. No single training technique works well and gets the best result with every dog.

Ellie Johnson’s 20+ years of experience as a professional dog trainer enable her to design customized training programs. The techniques she uses to teach and restructure dog behaviors include:

  • Classic Conditioning
  • Operant Conditioning
  • Counter Conditioning
  • Negative Correction
  • Imprinting

What Sets Ellie Apart?

While many trainers teach in a class environment where there are numerous distractions, Ellie finds it more effective to begin training with little or no distraction.

Once Ellie is comfortable that the dog understands what she is asking of him, (and gets it right every time) she begins to add distractions. This approach works very well to both teach the dog and create a dog-owner team.

For Ellie, the most valuable tools a trainer can have are:

  • An understanding of dog behavior
  • The ability to “read” dogs
  • Good communication skills with dogs and people

Contact Ellie today and learn how she can help you build a strong team with your dog.