Effective Teamwork

Ellie_Liesl_TrainingEveryone focuses on what is wrong with the performance of their dog…it’s human nature. That said, one of the most important skills we can build in order to have effective teamwork with our dog is being able to see what’s right and encourage that behavior. When we work in a non-distracting environment with them it allows us to build a good relationship by focusing on and encouraging the positive. When you have a positive relationship with your dog it goes a long way towards creating the attitude and behavior you want.

Conversely, dogs that aren’t worked in a situation where praise and encouragement are used, often start to feed on negative reactions from their handlers, much like children who don’t receive enough attention get into mischief in order to get some type of reaction from their parents.

Many dogs, especially the ones with confidence issues, tend to become even more fearful when an owner corrects and doesn’t give them good praise support and encouragement. Cultivating a positive obedience relationship with your dog with little to no distractions is key in creating this positive, trusting working relationship. I strongly suggest spending time one-on-one with your dog for 10 minutes at a time at least 2 to 3 times a day.